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By   March 27, 2014

Regaining Masculinity

Strength, confidence, stamina and sexual power are the characteristic traits of male masculinity. Too often though today, these tend to be characteristics of the past for today’s typical middle aged and older male.

Once into middle age and beyond, his appearance may be sagging with increased abdominal fat and loss of muscle mass. All this is due the decline in testosterone levels. He may also lack vitality, a sense of well being, and may also experience bouts of depression and moodiness. His sexual desire and performance may also suffer, and he may look for help from his doctor and a “little blue pill.” Lower levels of testosterone are also responsible for degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and hypertension. According to medical experts, testosterone is the most powerful cardiovascular protector for men. Low testosterone correlates with heart disease more reliable than does high cholesterol.

Lifestyle, diet and environmental factors either enhance or reduce the amount and quality of testosterone he has available.

Men need to take hormonal imbalance seriously if they expect to enjoy robust health after middle age. A return to hormonal balance for a man means a return to the masculine qualities he enjoyed in his youth.

Abdominal fat is the most stubborn type of fat and research confirms that one of the best indicators of overall disease lies within the amount of fat around a man’s waist. Excess abdominal fat greatly increases one’s potential of future disease, including prostate cancer. Our sex hormones play a great role in the way we look, feel, and perform. The more fat a man carries the more estrogen his body produces. Abdominal fat cells produce an enzyme called aromatase, which is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen dominance can strike men during mid life and is one risk factor in prostate cancer. It is not uncommon for a man of retirement age to have higher levels of estrogen than a woman of the same age. Therefore it is vital to loose the abdominal fat.

Avoiding severe stress is also important to enhancing sexual energy. Consider such methods as deep breathing, exercise, regular aerobic exercise, meditation and visualization.

Another factor that plays a role in balancing hormones is to avoid xenoestrogens. These are estrogen mimickers that disrupt the natural hormonal balance by increasing estrogen-like activity in the body. They are found in environmental pollutants and plastics. They create an ideal environment for hormone related diseases, such as prostate cancer.

A natural method of stimulating the body to secrete more of its own testosterone is by doing resistance training, or lifting weights. Studies have proven that even moderate weight lifting, at any age, stimulates the secretion of testosterone. This happens because weight lifting builds lean muscle and to build muscle the body requires testosterone.

Nutritional support is an absolute corner stone of sexual health. A balanced diet free of animal fats, fried foods, sugar, caffeine, white flour products, alcohol and junk foods.

Whole Food Factor

Potency, fertility and sex life are also affected by the presence of drugs, estrogen-like chemicals, antibiotics and other pollutants in the environment and our food. Your healthiest choice is a whole food diet with plenty of organic fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains. Essential Fatty Acids from cold water fish, unrefined cold pressed nut and seed oils are necessary as the body uses them to make hormones call prostaglandins, which are necessary for normal sexual response. Oats which are rich in vitamin E release testosterone from its binding protein making it more available to cells that require this hormone. This leads to enhanced libido, improved stamina and a generally stronger nervous system.

Avoid alcohol and high caffeine products such as coffee, tea, and cola drinks. They deplete the body of zinc, manganese, magnesium and other nutrients. It is wise to bypass foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. They boost estrogen levels, destabilize blood sugar levels and destroy nutrients such as chromium and B-complex vitamins.

Men’s Formula – Contains proven nutrients like saw palmetto herb, stinging nettle, and zinc; all of which help with the balancing of testosterone, and improve the health of the prostate gland.

Flax Hull Lignans – Hormone balancing, help reduce certain cancers, particularly colon and prostate. Also has a positive effect on diabetes, blood sugar problems, cardiovascular health, osteoporosis, and muscle repair and rebuilding after hard work or strenuous exercise.

Maca – Peru ‘s hormone rejuvenator. Restores vitality, sexual desire and performance, and sense of well being.

X-A – Herbal blend which helps to nourish and strengthen the body, increases circulation, immunity and sex drive.

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