eye1What is Iridology?

Iridology is a quick, accurate, non-invasive, safe and painless system of health analysis through the examination of the coloured part of the eye known as the iris.

The eyes have been proclaimed throughout the ages as the window of the soul. It is now acknowledged that they are the mirror of the body. Manifestations in and around the eyes have long been used to gain insight into a person’s state of health.

Iridology is the science and practice that reveals hereditary tendencies as well as acquired weaknesses. It identifies the condition of each and every organ and tissue in the body. The iris reveals body constitution, levels of health and the transitions that take place in a person’s body according to the way he lives. In this way, it is possible to deal with the cause of health problems rather than merely treating the symptoms.

One of the greatest features and main advantages of Iridology over other forms of health screening is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptom develops and therefore preventive action may be taken to improve health and avoid dis-eases which might otherwise follow.